Dunne Law PLLC offers a range of civil litigation services. Please follow the three links below to learn more about the areas of personal injury, professional liability, and business disputes.

Personal Injury

Personal injury relates to products liability, exposure to carcinogens, women’s health issues, birth injury, fracture(s) necessitating surgical intervention, traumatic brain injury, infection and sepsis, automobile accidents, trucking accidents, premises liability, and collisions involving a pedestrian, motorcycle, or all-terrain vehicle. Injuries arising from construction site accidents, falls from height, issues with safety equipment, and OSHA violations may also fall under the category of personal injury. Catastrophic personal injury often involves neurologic impairment, severe fractures, and/or amputation resulting in an inability to work or even death.

Professional Liability

Professional liability matters often involve disputes between licensed professionals and their clients often hinge upon complex expert opinions and can be quite taxing on litigants where the nature of the relationship included a component of trust or collaboration. Cases involving physicians (medical malpractice), lawyers (legal malpractice), accountants, engineers, insurance producers, or real estate agents or brokers, all tend to fall under the category of professional liability where there is an allegation of failure to exercise reasonable care consistent with the care and skill of a reasonable, prudent person engaged in their particular profession.

Business Disputes

Business disputes generally include a claim for breach of contract. They may also include allegations of breach of the implied covenant of good faith and faith dealing, tortious interference with a contractual relationship, fraudulent inducement, material misrepresentation, or violation of the consumer fraud act.  Pre-litigation business disputes generally include demand letter issuance and case evaluation with strategy development.  Non-litigation business law services are also available, including contract preparation or review.  

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