Civil Litigation


Welcome to Dunne Law PLLC

Located in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, Arizona, Dunne Law PLLC helps clients with civil litigation matters in the specialized areas of personal injury, professional liability, and business disputes.

Calling on her expertise and strengths, Victoria handles your case with individualized care.

  • Your case is unique and has particular nuances that can’t be glossed over. Using unique insights and prior expertise, your case is evaluated thoroughly, and a well-developed strategy is put into motion.
  • Law is always changing. Using comprehensive research abilities and detailed evaluation, you receive advice that is accurate and carefully applied to your situation.
  • Communication is a must! You’ll be informed promptly and honestly about important case developments.

Here at Dunne Law PLLC, Victoria has discovered that adhering to her values of trustworthiness and integrity have allowed her to excel when handling your case. Ultimately, your legal endeavors are less stressful when you know she’s on your side.

Victoria M. Dunne founded the firm to provide a fresh and modern approach to legal advice for professional liability, business disputes, and personal injury. Breaking away from the idea that lawyers are rushed and apathetic, she brings craftsmanship and dedication to the office.

All clients experience the care and consideration that Victoria developed in a prior career as a registered nurse in the operating room. They also get the grit, vigor, and knowledge gained from years of experience with insurance defense litigation and plaintiff’s personal injury. The result: a new approach to helping you navigate a difficult world, with the care and attention only a nurse can provide.

Wondering if your case needs our services? Let’s talk about it. Don’t worry, it’s free and there’s no obligation for you to hire us. Visit our Contact Page, or call 480.442.7705 and we can work out a plan together.